Friday, March 5, 2010

How to accomplish Zero Sewage

Briefly--Our technology does away with any discharge of sewage of any kind. Also there is no production/ discharge of the sewage,"Greenhouse Gasses" (GHGs): (CH-4) methane and/ or (N2O) Nitrous Oxide. Our design systems "mineralize" all organic loadings down to biogenic CO-2 and water vapor. All phosphorus is sequestered, all urea > ammonia/N is nitrified to NO-3 and sequestered. All residual waters/ liquids are evaporated within the chamber. The system including the toilet fixtures uses zero functional water. The system requires near zero maintenance, no additives and very little energy (all systems are designed to alternately use solar and/ or wind power. All EDC's, PPCP's, hormone disruptors from excretions and graywater are permanently sequestered within the chamber and eventually detoxified by naturally occurring algae and mycelium. When the design sheltered, "Constructed Woodland" is set into motion the entire system becomes self sustaining without any monitoring, maintenance or interference from man. There are no moving parts within the chamber. As long as there is air (oxygen), warmth (sunshine) on the planet and the food source that we supply (what we would call waste) the trillions of aggressive organisms will self-sustain and flourish to infinity without any assistance from man. Every biological dynamic that was ever required to perform this process has already been here for millions of years and operating on its own without man. Man arrived, decided to use a flush toilet and completely destroyed this miraculous, natural process.

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